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Call: (918) 743-8539
3345 S Harvard Ave #102
Tulsa, OK 74135, USA

Choosing a dentist is much more extensive than choosing new staples for your stapler or an air freshener for your car, especially when it comes to oral surgery. Because oral surgery is a medical procedure, there are extra factors to consider and each is equally as important as all the others:

  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Training
  • Trust
  • Personality
  • Certifications
  • Reputation
  • Cost
  • Comfort Measures

Most people become overwhelmed with the thought of finding an oral surgeon because there are so many matters to consider. Because oral surgery requires trust, the first and best way to find an oral surgeon is through trusted relationships:

  • Primary dentist
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers
  • Religious associations
  • Family doctor

If trusted contacts are unable to offer a referral, other options are:

Insurance company – always contact your insurance company, to make sure your visit is covered. In addition, your insurance company can help you locate an oral surgeon in your area.

General internet search – to locate an oral surgeon in your area do a general internet search, and then do an additional internet search on the name of the oral surgeon and read the reviews and/or comments to be sure he or she is competent.

Local or state dental society – the American Dental Association has a website,, where a list of local and state oral surgeons are listed.

Some general questions you will want to consider are:

  • Is the oral surgeon covered by your insurance?
  • Can the oral surgeon meet your current need?
  • Is the oral surgeon located nearby?
  • Can you secure an appointment in sufficient time for your need?
  • What payment plans are available?

    After these questions are answered, more specific questions should be asked to make sure the oral surgeon meets your particular needs:

  • What certifications and training does the oral surgeon have in your specific area of need?
  • What societies does the oral surgeon belong to?
  • How long has he or she been practicing?
  • What type of comfort measures does the oral surgeon provide?
  • Ask about the pros and cons of your procedure.
  • Is the oral surgeon available after hours?
  • What is the oral surgeon’s emergency protocol?
  • Ask for before and after pictures of your procedure, if applicable.
  • Overall, do you feel comfortable with the oral surgeon?
  • Do you feel free to talk about your expectations?
  • Is the staff friendly and helpful?

Finding an oral surgeon is one thing, but finding a competent one that will lead you to a

satisfying conclusion is the most important factor of all.

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