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3345 S Harvard Ave #102
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Call: (918) 743-8539
3345 S Harvard Ave #102
Tulsa, OK 74135, USA

When it comes to making a lasting impression, our breath can be one of our biggest downfalls, and yet it is a fairly easy problem to resolve. By following a few family dental tips, this issue can be eliminated from your life.  

Also known as halitosis, bad breath can happen to anyone and there are many reasons why:

Not brushing your teeth enough – when teeth are not brushed regularly or properly, plaque builds, and it is plaque that leads to bad breath.  

Inadequate flossing – food particles, lodged between your teeth, are removed through flossing. If food is not removed, it becomes old, and then becomes a major contributor to your mouth’s negative smell.  

Dry mouth – bad breath happens when acid is present. Saliva neutralizes acid, so when saliva is not present in your mouth, halitosis is the result.  

High protein in diet – often it is said that, if your breath smells poorly, your high protein diet is working. This is because a low-fat diet releases ketones that do burn fat, but also cause bad breath.

Smoking – Smoke that goes into your lungs and lingers is going to create an undesirable smell that creeps into your mouth, and then is released to those around you.

Disease – certain metabolic disorders, cancer, and GERD are just some of the diseases that can cause bad breath.

Now, for the good news. Fresh breath can be obtained by following these easy family-friendly dental tips:

Brush your teeth regularly – brushing your teeth twice-daily is the recommendation from the American Dental Association. Some people choose to brush their teeth following every meal to guarantee fresh breath. Either way, keeping your teeth free from plaque goes far to eliminate this issue.

Floss often – incorporate early in your family routine, the removal of food particles that find their way to stay in between your teeth.  

Brush your tongue – this is one of the most overlooked steps in proper oral hygiene. Brushing your tongue is the most effective way to remove the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Drink lots of water – water flushes out your mouth and rinses away particles that contribute to your mouth smelling badly.

Use baking soda – baking soda neutralizes the acid that causes bad breath.

Have regular dental checkups– looking for signs of bad breath is an important part of every dental exam. At Midtown Dentistry we check for signs that contribute to this undesirable issue.

Chew sugar-free mint or gum – gum helps stimulate saliva.

Rinse with mouthwash – antiseptic mouthwashes help kill bacteria.

For other tips on how to keep your breath fresh or if you have concerns about halitosis or any other dental issues, contact Midtown Dentistry today at (918) 743-8539.